Dexterity Skill Gems in POE

There are three attributes in Path of Exile including strength, dexterity and intelligence. These three different attributes have different skill gems. As the character kills monsters and gets experience, skill gems will upgrade. The higher the skill gems are, the more powerful they are. Here are the functions of different dexterity skill gems as follows.
Bear Trap

Bear Trap
Throw a trap to bring physical damage to an enemy and immobilize it. There are 3 traps at most. It grants 0.75% increased physical damage per 1% quality.

Blood Rage

Blood Rage
Blood rage is an active skill gem. After blood rage starts, it will cause continual physical damages. And at the same time, it also improve attack speed and life leech. Killing an enemy can help you refresh the buff duration and get a Frenzy Charge. It adds 0.2% life leech per 1% quality.

Burning Arrow

Burning Arrow
Fire an arrow that will bring fire damage to the enemy and has a very high chance of lighting it, causing weekly fire damage. Its required level is 1. It adds 3% burning time per 1% quality.

Detonate Dead

Detonate Dead
Detonate a dead body and bring physical damage and fire damage to the surrounding enemies. Its required level is 2. It requires dexterity and intelligence attributes. It adds 2% cast speed per 1% quality.

Double Strike

Double Strike
If you want to give the enemy double strike quickly, you may need some weapons that facilitate melee combat. Its required level is 1. The character only attacks enemies with the main hand weapon while dually wielding. It grants 0.5% increased attack speed per 1% quality.

Dual Strike

Dual Strike
Attack the target with the main hand weapon and the second-hand weapon, but it is only used by dual wielding. Wand is not available to use dual strike. Its required level is 1 and its required attributes are strength and dexterity. It adds 4% fatal rate per 1% quality.

Elemental Hit

Elemental Hit
Elemental hit is a standard attack that adds damage of some random elements including fire, cold and lighting damage. Any weapon can perform an elemental hit. It adds 0.35% fatal rate per1% quality.

Ethereal Knives

Ethereal Knives
Shoot out many knives in front of the caster to cause physical damage, but ethereal knives cannot hit the same target so many times. Although ethereal knives bring physical damage, it is actually a spell instead of an attack. Therefore, weapon damage is not taken into consideration. It required attributes are dexterity and intelligence. It grants 0.75% increased Projectile damage per 1% quality.

Explosive Arrow

Explosive arrow
Shoot an arrow that adds a short duration fuse to the target. Being hit again, it will produce additional fuse and extend the duration. When the target dies or the duration ends, the arrows will explode and bring fire damage to the nearby enemies. The scope of explosion is in proportion to the number of arrows in the target. It grants 1% increased lighting rate per 1% quality.

Fire Trap

Fire Trap
Throw a trap and when triggered, it will explode. The nearby enemies will suffer fire damage when they walk through the burning ground. Its required attributes are dexterity and intelligence. It adds 1.5% burning damage per 1% quality.

Flicker Strike

Flicker strike
Transmit the target to a monster nearby and attack it with a melee weapon. If the character has Frenzy charge, it will be consumed. The cooldown can be ignored by consuming a Frenzy charge. It required level is 10. It adds 3% fatal rate per 1% quality.

Freeze Mines

Freeze Mine
Lay a remote- control mine that you can detonate so as to freeze all enemies within the scope. The mine lasts 30 seconds and there are 5mines that you can lay at most. Its required attributes are dexterity and intelligence. It grants 0.5% increased scope per 1% quality.


Frenzy deals base attack damage to the target and gives the character a frenzy charge. Frenzy charge can improve your attack speed. A Frenzy attack can be used by any weapon. It grants 0.35% increased attack speed per charge per 1% quality.


Cast an aura that helps grant evasion to you and your teammates. Mana takes up 80%.It adds 0.5% aura radius per 1% quality.


Cast an aura that help increase the attack speed and cast speed to you and your teammates. It required level is 31. Mana reserved is 40%. It grants 0.5% increased aura radius per 1% quality.


Cast an aura that increases frost damage to you and your teammates. Its required attributes are dexterity and intelligence. Mana reserved is 30%. It adds 0.5% aura radius per 1% quality.

Ice Shot

Ice Shot
Shoot out an arrow that brings cold effect to the enemy. Meanwhile, more ice will be made on the ground to bring cold damage to the enemies who walk through it. It grants 0.75% increased duration per 1% quality.

Lightning Arrow

Lightning Arrow
Fire an arrow that brings lightning damage to the target and the nearby enemies. It adds 0.5% chance to shock enemies per 1% quality.

Phase Run

Phase Run
Phase Run helps make the character hide. That is to say, it is not very easy for monsters to find the character. Meanwhile, Phase Run increases movement speed. If a phased runner chooses to melee an enemy, there may cause some additional damages. Movement speed and additional damages increase as the ranks of skills upgrade. It grants 1% increased physical damage per 1% quality.
How does a player get Dexterity skill gems? The player will get them through finishing tasks and killing monsters. And when the player plays Path of Exile, he may need POE orbs to upgrade the skill gems. The POE orbs can be found everywhere in game. And they can also be found in our POE shop. You can wander about it and have a look.

Strength Skill Gems in Path of Exile

Skill Gems

There are three colors in skill gems including red, green and blue. They stand for strength, dexterity and intelligence respectively. When players put skill gems into the relevant equipment caves, these skill gems can be used. If you want to hold a dominant position in Path of Exile, then you should know more about strength skill gems, dexterity skill gems and intelligence skill gems.
Today let me introduce strength skill gems to you. It will help you improve your abilities. Strength skill gems can be divided into so many aspects:
1. Anger
It will create an aura that adds fire damage to the attack of you and your teammates.
2. Cleave
In order to protect him from being hit, a trained armsman has to use the deadly Cleave. Under the help of a single practiced stroke, a Cleave will bring tremendous harm to anyone who stands nearby. When a player gets skill with Cleave, he strikes harder with each swing of his blade. It requires One Handed Axe, One Handed Sword, Two Handed Axe and Two Handed Sword.
3. Decoy Totem
Summon a totem and attract the surrounding monsters to attack it. It lasts 15 seconds.
4. Determination
Create an aura to help provide armor for you and your teammates.
5. Devouring Totem
Summon a totem that will eat corpses nearby. If you get hurt, you will need to consume a corpse to cure yourself. It will last 32 seconds.
6. Dominating Blow
In the case that you attacks an enemy with a melee strike, if an enemy dies in short time after being shot, he will revive and become your servant. It will last 14 seconds.
7. Enduring Cry
You can sneer at the surrounding enemies to let them attack you so that you can get Endurance charge according to the numbers of enemies. The higher the skills are, the more Endurance charge you will get. This is to say, this battle shout taunts all enemies nearby, provoking them to attack the offender. It will help improving the offender’s ability to absorb punishment.
8. Flame Totem
Summon a totem that will fire a stream of flame at the enemies nearby. It lasts 15 seconds.
9. Glacial Hammer
When you hit the enemies, some of the physical damage will be converted into cold damage. If the enemies are frozen and they only have less than one third life, they will be shattered. The higher the skill is, the more possible for you to frozen the enemies.
10. Ground Slam
When you raise a staff or two-handed mace high above their head, you will slam it earthward with a bursting thump.
11. Heavy Strike
Attack the enemy with a heavy strike and knock them back. It requires One Handed Axe, One Handed Sword, One Handed Mace or Two-Handed Weapon.
12. Immortal Call
When you consume Endurance Charges, you will be invulnerable to physical damage for a short time, but it also depends on how many endurance charges were expended. Every Endurance Charge lasts 0.60 seconds.
13. Infernal Blow
When you bring hurt to the enemy, some of your physical damage will be converted to fire damage. If the enemy dies soon after being hit, they will explode and bring fire damage to ambient enemies. It requires a Sword, Axe, Mace, Staff or Unarmed.
14. Leap Slam
Jumping into the target, enemies will be damaged and knocked back with your main hand where you land. It requires an axe, mace, sword or staff.
15. Lightning Strike
Pour your melee weapon into thunder and lightning. When the enemies are hit, some of your physical damage will be converted to lightning damage. At the same time, the thunder and lightning is scattered from the weapon and it will fly out behind your target to hit farther-away enemies.
16. Molten Shell
Summon fiery elemental shields that provide your armor for a short time. If physical damage reaches a threshold, the shields explode outwards and bring fire damage to nearby enemies.
17. Punishment
Curse all enemies in an area, making them to suffer some of the physical damage when they cope with the attacks.
18. Rejuvenation Totem
Summons a totem that regenerates life for you and your nearby teammates. But it only lasts 20 seconds.
19. Shield Charge
Assault at an enemy and bang it with the character’s shield. The enemy will be knocked back and stunned. Enemies in the way will be pushed. Damage and stun depend on the distance of assault.
20. Shockwave Totem
You can summon a totem that brings damage to the nearby enemies. They will be knocked back.
21. Sweep
Swinging a two handed melee weapon in a circle, bring damage to enemies and knock back them.
22. Vitality
Create an aura that gives life regeneration to you and your teammates.
23. Warlord’s Mark
Curse the enemies in an area and make them more vulnerable to stuns. Attacking the cursed targets will help absorb life and mana. Moreover, killing them will make you have 20% of the opportunity to gain an endurance charge.
Now you have basic knowledge about the function of different strength skill gems. But if you want your skill gems upgraded, you may need to buy POE currency. POE currency will help you improve your skill gems and protect yourself from being damaged.

My experience on playing the game path of exile

It’s good at the beginning to play POE, but the later will find the game is more difficult, requires a lot of time farm equipment.Awakening12_1920
1 Complex Skills Tree, How to use your skill point is really complex.
2 Jewel skill system, a funny good system. Never seen this system in other games. Your skills can be easily changed by different jewel.
3 Upgrade equipment, with the dark, POE equipment can be upgraded into any rare, of course, the more expensive materials, the more expensive
4. The trade system, although there is no gold system, orbs as the currency, you can trade items in game or forums.
5. The difficulty of the game, maybe you have full of good items good defence full resistance. but still easy died in game.
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Do you know where to level up in act1?

Probably the best of all areas is The Ledge. This place is really straight forward. You can begin farm from one side to another. Monsters include mostly Skeletons which are slow and really easy to kill. no big boss inside. either one by one or with AoE skills. And a way point in the middle of the road. you can back to town so easy. no need waste y Portal Scrolls and save too much time. I suggest you don’t pick up basic items. no need back to town again and again. so you can keep more time on fast level up.
In The Ledge I recommend you simply run from one end to another and clear everything along the way. Reset the instance and repeat. Really easy, fast, and like everything else in Path of Exile best done in groups.
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