Path of Exile: The Item System (3) Weapon

  • Jul 27

    Path of Exile: The Item System (3)
    As are always online, you can contact us at any time for buy poe currency. Except for online chat, email or skype are also available here.To do a good job, one must first sharpen one's tools; if you do not have a good weapon, you can't move on this island. Can't do anything with many types without weapons in the game. There are many knids of weapons in <Path of Exile>, from the remote bow to melee sword and axe, even though the magic wands can be found in the wraeclast mainland. The weapons demand  its own emphasis, each kind of weapons at most will focus on two attributes: strength, dexterity or intelligence. The weapon trend on the power will have the higher basic demage; The agile weapons will have higher attack speed. The wisdom weapon will have higher crit chance.

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