Path of Exile - Full list of patch changes 3.2.1

The developers of the action / RPG Path of Exile are going to release update 3.2.1 on March 16. Therefore, the team decided to show you in advance a list of upcoming changes.

The mechanic of trade in animals with other adventurers has become available. New sets of Bestiary's recipes have been introduced that will help you create 86 level armor with 6 associated nests of talismans 1, 2 and 3 levels.

Helmet Indigon got a 3D model. Now on the minimap you can see the icons denoting dead rare and legendary animals. Speed of throwing of networks has been increased. And the unique things Bestiary, dropped from the boss-spirits, are now attached to the owner of the zoo.

Decreased the general chance of losing networks with the bosses. There was an opportunity to catch creatures in tasks of Therona. More you should not have problems with the unavailability of the portal to the arena of the Lab's boss card.

Now you can not catch the summoned servant-corpses.

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