The latest Path of Exile update path adds a Stash map and much more

For weeks, waiting for the Stow map to be available for purchase in the Xbox version and the second Path of Exile, who have ventured to Richhewast can finally make it thanks to the latest Path of Exile exasperated.

Along the long-awaited map of Stash is finally available for Xbox version one free game play, and here's all the major upgrades and overall quality of life improvements that the recently released Path of Exile(POE Currency) includes.

You will see a list below:

   You can now switch to an "online view" in the trade register to display elements of players who are online in your current league. It does not show players who are online but in a different league (such as the gap when you are a regular player).


   You can now filter the items in your feed by entering text in the search box.


   Support for map map added. This stash tab is not yet on sale, but it's coming soon.


   Group grouped sets of maps in one search card (formerly some fragments are not included in the end of the assembly).


   Slightly increased Ahn's size.


   Fixed a bug that will let Archer Mirage be able to attack the enemies.


   Fixed failure causes "to grow the recovery rate of life and energy shield" have no effect if sharing the Val Charter.


   A solid defect creates a unique product of the unique Ambalins Ralakic and "get endurance, intensity or power fee when a ban" the Department of Defense was sometimes unable to create free of charge or generate a fee spirit when you have a unique element of Itbooeshr equipped.


   Fixed an error that causes corner modification to avoid applying the buff for the first time when the instance is activated.


   Fixed a bug that can be located in the map area after the depth.


   Fixed a failure if it is granted some magic maze without the mercy of Bodiswab and the burning bodies of the Divine Line of Eternal Maze.


   Fixed a bug that some of the layout of the lava page had not been plugged in, which did not produce the map.


   Fixed a bug where you can activate the levers and pull the walls through trivializing many trap mazes.


   Fixed a bug with the help of the stack of texts in the stack that it says you click to go to Unstack.


   Fixed a failure in which the trade inventory pieces will appear in the merchant ticket as part of a single image.

More news from the Path of Exile, he is grinding gear in detail for games with a small flash in the next periodical report, which is almost called "Beastiary League." As with all new leagues, this new league mechanic forces players to pick up and sacrifice monsters to make gear. You can read more about the upcoming league here.