The POE is planned for multi-stage skill transformation

Grinding Gear Games has released another developer's diary, which explains the upcoming skills converter that will be released in June 2018 with a 3.3.0 patch. They also point out that this is only the first part of the transformation of the road skills in Path of Exile.

The studio has noted that often their policies are not publicly talking about large-scale updates before they are implemented, but large-scale skill modification is an exception to this rule. This is because these changes will not be implemented in a huge transformation, but each content update will include a batch of updated skills starting at 3.3.0 in June 2018.

The decision to reinvent the skills is due to the fact that some older people's skills have been overshadowed by newer skills over the past few years. While some of these are still situational, most of them are usually absolute. Grinding Gear Games in Ice Spear, for example, because it is in the process of building based on critical strike against the stability of the intermediate is very suitable for boss, but it need the support of a lot of gems to hit multiple targets, so it can't resist more enemies.

As you might imagine, a skill like ice spear not only allows more Numbers to be incorporated into them, but also becomes a new mechanism for attracting all kinds of situations. They also receive visual updates that make them look as beautiful and shiny as modern skills.

The skills theme will also become the theme of the future development of Path of Exile with POE Currency. This obviously helps the player get a specific style or style that matches the theme of the role. While these changes won't break the ground, they should help players to make their characters a niche.

Another goal of the overhaul is to give players more play. Essence Drain and infectious diseases are selected as examples of new ways to play the game, while Grinding Gear Games wants to make more skills feel like a different, unique game style. Full developer diaries can be found on their official BBS.