Why do you like to play the Path of Exile?

If you're looking for an MMO with a good story and a good game, but don't want the graphics to be beautiful or animated, the road to exilic (" PoE ") may be right for you! There are four reasons to love this game.

Overall storyline

Some gamers won the game, so the PoE story isn't too weak. Role in game, players Wraeclast awakening, off the coast of the island is near the island of Atlantis in signing a criminal island (Oriath), and a new island (hence the "path to exile"). In addition to the other exiles on the island, you will find the ruins of an ancient civilization and the cursed creatures that plague them. Such forces are exiled in order to survive, because the environment does not make them easy.

Depth and highly customizable role builds

Well, here are all the challenges in the game. There are six basic types that determine which part of the game's expansion skill tree your character can begin to acquire (and an unlocking that can start from the center). But the important thing to remember is that if you go up high enough, you can acquire skills from other areas of the tree and increase the available varieties of the passive skill mix.

Active skills exist in the form of a collection of gems, which the player puts into the socket of the device. This means that you can take the sword that allows you to jump with fire balls and boots, or shoot the bow of ice and armor to move you instantly and leave a fire in your tail. Almost any profession can use any skill gem as long as they are able to acquire gems and meet the requirements. This leads to many possible combinations of skills, and provides a lot of depth customization for other game attempts and failure simulations.

This is unusual

The graphics of the game are remote from most RPG fantasy Settings. PoE is a direct manifestation of the fantasy genre, but in other games there is usually no deeper, rougher design. The enemy is the real fear, suited to the ruins of a once-mighty city. RPG game of most commonly used mechanisms have item by item, such as economic (POE Currency around the change characteristics of another project project), at the end (in the form of a map) and skills (in the form of precious stones, as mentioned above).

For free!

This may be the best thing about PoE. Microtransactions exist, but the game is definitely not a fee. Microtransactions are just for the convenience of cosmetics and other functions. The whole game, but it's free. Players can even create multiple accounts and roles, and can log in multiple accounts and roles simultaneously. This allows players to have almost unlimited storage space without having to purchase hidden tags or character slots, though these are more convenient.